A Gardentub is a great addition to any garden, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. If you opt for a lovely summer solution with the Gardentub, you simply fill it with a garden hose and some buckets of hot water. But if you want to enjoy your Gardentub all year round, it is essential to choose the right heating option. 

Three heating options

1. Heat your bath by connecting it to the domestic hot water circuit. Combined with a thermostatic mixing valve, the desired temperature can be set before the water flows to the tap or shower. 
    • Advantages: Constant heat supply; precise temperature control.
    • Disadvantages: Requires preparation and installation. Ensure proper measures to prevent freezing.
    • Installation costs to be assessed per situation. 
2. Place a flow-through heater between your cold tap water point and your bath. A flow-through heater provides heat only when needed. Large capacities require a 3-phase connection and make sure the heater is placed frost-free, for example in the shed. 
    • Advantages: Efficient and energy-efficient; heats water when needed. 
    • Disadvantages: Requires a 3-phase connection; must be installed frost-free; in winter, the Gardentub will take a little longer to fill up. 
    • Relatively low purchase cost +/- €550. 


3. If you want to fill your tub frequently and quickly and if you cannot connect it to the hot tap water circuit, you can install an electric boiler; a 100-litre boiler at 80 degrees provides enough to fill a Gardentub to a pleasant temperature in a short time. Again, place a thermostatic mixing valve between these so that the water flows out of your Gardentub tap or shower at the desired temperature. Do you have solar panels? You can use a smart app to keep the water in the boiler at temperature at times when you have energy to spare. This also ensures low energy bills. 

    • Advantages: Fast filling with the desired temperature; reasonably easy to install. 
    • Disadvantages: Uses power all year round if you don't switch it off in winter. 
    • Purchase cost from €1.000.


Other options

Of course, you can consider other installations, such as solar water heaters or heat exchangers, but before that, ask your installer to assess your own situation. The best heating option for your Gardentub can be different for everyone and depends on several factors, such as the location of the Gardentub, budget, and your personal preference for sustainability and energy efficiency.

Whether you choose the simplicity of a garden hose or the efficiency of a solar water heater, a properly heated Gardentub will ensure many relaxing moments in your garden.

Written by Emma Jacobs

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