The Rolling Hottub was founded during the 1st Corona Lockdown. During this lockdown, an acquaintances of The Rolling Hottub started experimenting with renting out a hottub to acquaintances and friends. Originally, the entrepreneurs of The Rolling Hottub were active in the event sector, however the lockdown brought this sector to a halt. The entrepreneurs of The Rolling Hottub had to look for a new challenge. As if it had to be so, the acquaintance asked if the current entrepreneurs of The Rolling Hottub, wanted to take over The Rolling Hottub to give a new future to the company. With the entrepreneurial experience already there and having enjoyed hours in the hottub themselves, the entrepreneurs of The Rolling Hottub said a resounding yes. 

The Rolling Hottub's mission is to let people enjoy a wellness experience at home, affordably, qualitatively and (in the case of hottubs) wood-fired. By renting out the hottubs, consumers can get acquainted with the concept of hottubs before permanently purchasing their own. To further intoduce consumers to our products, we are also putting more and more of our products in our showroom. The Rolling Hottub is commited to outdoor experiences and spending more time outdoors, as the entrepreneurs believe this only has positive effects on mental well-being. The Gardentub fits into this story perfectly, the Gardentub has excellent quality and allows people to enjoy the outdoors. 

Families who want to enjoy peace and quiet together with the children or together in the hottub during a weekend getaway, that is where The Rolling Hottub's focus lies. 

The Rolling Hottub was introduced to the Gardentub via Instagranm. We as The Rolling Hottub, are always interested in great new products on the market and Gardentub fitted perfectly into this picture. 

Gardentub en The Rolling Hottub complement each other well because Gardentub is committed to a unique garden experience and enjoyment in one's own garden and these are core values that The Rolling Hottub follows. We think the Gardentub is a top product, however for us a Gardentub hottub variant would also offer possibilities. 

We as The Rolling Hottub see great growth potential in Belgium to further distribute Gardentub. It is a unique product that is not yet on the market here, so we would like to be part of it. 


Written by Emma Jacobs

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